Hi, We Are Expedite Solutions.

Speed is in our DNA. We are an IT company focused on high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective software development.


Our rich and varied experience of 10+ years and stringent quality standards ensure development of software solutions that give your business an edge over competitors.


We take pride in providing high quality services by the use of latest technology to ensure customer satisfaction and their profitability.


Speed is the essence of our business. We strongly believe in delivering with pace while maintaining high quality standards.


We strongly believe that if we stand by our core values, our customers will be delighted to work with us.


As a software development service provider, Expedite strives to provide all its customers with high quality mobile application development services and web development services that helps them to outsmart their competitors.

Business Model

We provide both, fixed price and hourly price model to our clients for trying out our services.

Hourly Price Model

In this business model, you pay for the resources employed in achieving your goals. It allows you to have more flexibility in the development of your app and is highly transparent on our end.

Fixed Price Model

This type of model involves fixed price for smaller projects that require basic and conventional development processes. Fixed Price model is suitable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules.

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We would be glad to extend our services to you. We look forward to your queries if any.


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Email: support@xpditesolutions.com

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