Business Model

The Right Business model to Suit your needs

Fixed Price Model

As the term suggests, this type of model involves fixed price for smaller projects that require basic and conventional development processes. Fixed Price model is suitable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules.

You should choose this business model if:

  • You have a fixed budget.
  • You have a fixed project scope with a fixed timeframe.
  • You are aware that there may be possible compromise on quality as requirements evolve over a period of time.

It is best suited for those who have a definite vision for how their application shall be developed and maintained.

In this business model, you pay a pre-determined price that has been mutually agreed upon in the beginning stages of our working together.

Having a clear grasp on what you wish your project to achieve with little or no uncertainty allows us to complete your project in a timely and a cost-effective manner.

Hourly Price Model

This business model is also known as Time and Material model. This method of pricing is highly popular due to its suitability to the evolving nature of web and mobile app development.

You should choose this business model if:

  • You expect the features, requirements or specifications to alter during the course of development.
  • Due to complexities, it is not easy to determine the required project duration.
  • Hourly working suits your type of work.

In this business model, you pay for the resources employed in achieving your goals. It allows you to have more flexibility in the development of your app and is highly transparent on our end.

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